About Us

What is Dancesport Nation?

Dancesport Nation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to youth in lower-income families to participate in competitive dancesport instruction, training, showcases and competitions.

Dancesport Nation provides education in competitive International and American dance styles that are considered to be a sport and recognized globally as dancesport and requires rigorous training. The program focuses on strength, physical endurance, wellness, agility, balance and grace, along with the required technical aspects and floor craft of dancesport.

The benefits of this program extend far outside the dance arena to promote a positive body image, self-awareness through movement and competitive mindset to inspire self-confidence, respect for self and others, etiquette, and discipline to learn and excel in all facets of life.

The organization promotes youth dancesport through partnering with existing dance studios nationwide for private and group classes. Dance students are accepted to the program based on various criteria including lower socio-economic status, desire to dance, and a willingness and ability to work hard and be disciplined and committed to reaching their full potential. Candidates must submit an application and a 60-second video or a 500-word essay describing the reasons why they should be considered for the program. The Dancesport Nation board of directors will review all applications and make determinations for acceptance into the program.

Accepted applicants will receive orientation and training twice weekly with a group of their peers learning various styles of dancesport. Every quarter dancers will be eligible for continued scholarship based on their attendance and commitment to the program. DanceSport Nation instructors are world-class dancesport-credentialed professionals with decades of experience. Dancesport Nation has partnered with VZ Dance Studios, the #1 nationally ranked dance studio in Las Vegas, NV, to provide curriculum and instruction to youth dancers, as well as “train-the-trainer” programs for national DanceSport Nation affiliated chapters.

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